See what our patients are saying about their experience at Gindi Physical Therapy.

I had injured my back while coaching my son’s football team. I was jarred while holding a blocking dummy. My left shoulder, arm, and hand became numb and tingly. I tried to wait out the recovery but could not. I went to my family doctor and was referred to a neurosurgeon. At that point I was in so much pain that I was open to any suggestions. The surgeon suggested home traction. This was not very effective. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Gindi that has been through anything like I have and is interested in long term recovery. The staff is very professional and helpful to getting me back to normal life activities without pain.
— P. Scott
When I first came to see Dr. Gindi I was mostly in a wheel chair. With Dr. Gindi’s compassion and expertise I am able to walk with a cane and I can go shopping and clean my house without the fear of falling. I have my independence back. Anyone in pain or needs any help needs to come see Dr. Gindi
— C. Plyler
Every athlete should do dry needling. I originally came to Dr. Gindi for a reoccurring right shoulder injury from pitching. After working with my body mechanics, looking at videos, and doing the dry needling not only am I pain free, I am throwing harder.
— Taylor B.
I came to see Dr. Gindi after hurting my back during a baseball game. My pain was intense and I couldn’t play. Dr. Gindi recommended Dry Needling. After 3 sessions I was back to playing. I had no pain and I was even hitting better.
— Thank you, Mike S.
Before I started physical therapy with Dr. Gindi I had doubts if he could help me because I have had neck and back pain for over 20 years I have tried pain medicine and muscle relaxers and injections. I only got worse. I even had physical therapy before and did not get better. That was till I met Dr. Gindi. At my first visit Dr. Gindi was very compassionate, listened to me and performed a thorough examination. He discussed my options with me and said he would his best to help me. And he did. It was the best experience I ever had. Don’t waste your time any where else. Come here and see Dr. Gindi. I now have my life back
— S.R.
When my doctor send me for physical therapy he told me to go to another place in town. I told him I wanted to go to see Dr. Gindi instead. i knew it was my choice where to go.I am glad I did. Dr. Gindi and his staff are very professional, worked with me financially and now my family goes here. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else, even in Charlotte. Thank you Dr. Gindi for caring.
— Nancy P.